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Shades of Grey – TCT Update

Shades of Grey By: SL Who "I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings." ~Mahatma Gandhi


SteelPhoenix submitted this lore entry as part of The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe, connecting an existing lore tab to the Tenno on the Tangled Shore. Telling a never-before-heard story, he crafted the lore entry that the Micro Mini sparrow truly deserves.

The Orokin Vault

This poem crafted by SteelPhoenix was submitted as part of The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe and took first prize in the "creation" category by a landslide. The final line rang home for all the judges and this work was praised for its originality and style. The combination of both universes told an epic tale through this poem and is as enjoyable to read the twentieth time as it was the first!

Exotic Weapons

This creation of Destiny 2 weapons, inspired by Warframe lore was submitting by Rook for The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe. He took used weapons, abilities and syndicate mods to inspire the weapon names and their Exotic perks, coupling his creations with quotes from Alad V and Lotus. The inscription on Chilling Globe is the Ballas speech crafted by Rhekemi for Frost Prime; befitting for the weapon in question.


This lore entry was crafted by Rook as an entry for The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe. Reminiscent of the style seen in The Chronicon, this entry tells of the destruction of the Tenno by our Guardians, thus winning the favor of the Emporer. This entry was well-received by the judges, scoring second place in the "story" category.

Whether we wanted it or not…

This was our very first lore entry for The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe competition. Rook submitted a witty take on Zavala's infamous strike introduction, blending both universes seamlessly.

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