Tomorrow Comes Today

Tomorrow Comes Today was founded on the idea that community comes first. As a Destiny clan, this meant that every member is important and we strove to promote those values in all those we met. We would work together to make sure that no one ever felt excluded or left behind.

As time went on, we realised we had found a niche in the community. The people who joined us would call TCT "home" and call the members "family". With growing toxicity in the gaming community and a need to be extreme or angry for views and subscribers, we found more people finding their way to us, looking for a place where they felt safe. We used that to grow and expand to three clans in Destiny 2. Still, we had interest and, even when many people had turned to other games to fill the gap until the DLC, almost everyone was active and participating.

That growth and development led to where we are today. This website is the latest and greatest platform for our ever-growing family and comes in conjunction with our move to a public presence. We want to bring players from all walks of life together. We started in Destiny, on PlayStation 4, but our members play many games and have multiple systems. Realising this important fact and catering to our supporters has brought you TCTGaming.

So please, without further adieu, take a look around, and more importantly, make yourself at home. Everyone is welcome here. :heart:

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    The Leviathan: Eater of Worlds is the first raid lair released by Bungie in the Destiny series and takes players back to the Leviathan for a whole new challenge. This page will be updated as we explore the raid lair further and a full guide will be available soon.Read More »


  • pnail83

    Since I’ve joined I’ve meant several great people who have been patient with me whether teaching me the mechanic of the raids or just me being me…I haven’t been a part of a group like this in a very long time