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  • The Leviathan: Eater of Worlds

    The Leviathan: Eater of Worlds is the first raid lair released by Bungie in the Destiny series and takes players back to the Leviathan for a whole new challenge. This page will be updated as we explore the raid lair further and a full guide will be available soon.Read More »


  • Kouri

    TCT has become part of my family. The clan is full of amazing people that are always willing to help you with anything. I don’t really talk about certain types calls outside of work, but sometimes there are one that stick with you and you can’t stop thinking about. When I need to clear my head or just unwind at the end of a long shift you guys have been there for me. The clan has become a coping mechanism for me and it’s something I will always be grateful for. TCT is a community of amazing people that are always there for each other.