Hey, everyone!

It’s only me — Hanxa. You may know me from our Discord, and, for many of our community members, I have likely played with you in Destiny 2. It isn’t the only game I play, but it is the game that brought me to you guys and you have become my family.

So… What’s all this thenyou might be asking. I don’t blame you. Tomorrow Comes today has been undergoing some very interesting and exciting changes lately. For the past few weeks, our esteemed Architects have been working tirelessly on a vision to grow our humble community. Something special was created back in April and, with more and more people turning to the same values, they wanted to bring you something special while lighting the way for other gamers who may feel lost amidst the growing negativity in the gaming community.

So what does this mean? Well, right now, there are two key features, though both have a lot happening. There is a new Discord server, and there is this shiny website you are viewing now.


The Architects, The Nine and your neighbourhood Ghosts have been working to build a server that caters to all gamers. The plan to expand to other consoles began some time ago and with the wait for Curse of Osiris it became clear how many shared passions we had outside of Destiny

The new server is a public space for gamers to unite. It is designed to be flexible and to grow and change as our family grows and changes. We hope that it isn’t too confusing and have guides to the server in Rules, Announcements and Getting Started.

However, while we grow, we also respect that others will have concerns about expanding. As such, we have our Community Corner just for members. It has been created using the familiar old server as a template and we hope you guys have fun there. Remember, if you have any questions, just ask!


This website is the second part of our current expansion. As our community grows, so does what we have to share. From helping others outside the clan and developing our first guide, we found a new way to share and promote Tomorrow Comes Today. We also find that many reviews and news articles are catering to the judgy culture of angst that seems to be prominent.

Now, we know that most gamers are not angry and immature, but there is a stigma thanks to, in part, the vocal minority. Not only will this website serve as a guiding light to our community, it will show those that have not started gaming for fear of the negative labels that gamers are normal people too.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Community Lead. Community updates and news will not be coming from me (I talk too much as it is!) but will be written weekly by our very own Zombie. We hope that you will all support her as tctgaming.com starts to find its feet and thank her for her commitment to our community so far.


So, without further adieu, I would like to present TCTGaming. New name. New face. Old values.

Shine bright, Little Lights!

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