Some of you may have already seen our guide to The Leviathan – the first raid in Destiny 2. It has been viewed extensively thanks to the Destiny the Game (DTG) subreddit. This is our first gaming guide and we hope it helps you to tackle The Leviathan and face each of Calus’ challenges.

The Leviathan —The World-Eater — is home to Destiny 2‘s first raid. The raid consists of four main encounters with another that is optional throughout. We developed this guide over many runs, pushing the mechanics. The guide’s current form was last updated before the different challenges were revealed. Now that a full cycle of challenges has been completed, this will be updated to include strategies for each.

As a disclaimer, this represents how we run The Leviathan at TCT. These are not the only strategies and the suggestions are based on personal experience and our own opinions. It is aimed at making each encounter manageable for our most inexperienced players, allowing anyone and everyone to make that first clear.

TCTGaming’s Guide to The Leviathan


If you prefer to download this guide, we have also created a PDF version. It can be found here.

We hope this helps. Please leave comments and feedback below!

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