Hey there, TCT.

Another week has flown by in what seems like an instant. Woosh! and it just disappeared. So much has been happening that I am a little late with this one, but we should be back to Tuesday updates in week 15 or 16! 

We have had a productive recruitment spree for our The Division players recently. In fact, more than 25 new players joined our community in under 24 hours and didn’t run for the hills! Make our newcomers feel welcome. Help them out with any questions and show them around our digital home. Above all else, have fun!

DCW has been productive and a little insane. More on that a little later, but it is really nice to see our members teaming up with each other again. We would love to see you all bringing in the people you play with regularly! They don’t have to join any in-game clan if they don’t want to, but we will welcome any that do! The Discord is open to anyone and everyone and the more the merrier!

Read on for the break-down and until next week,



As I mentioned before, we have had an influx of new players. Not only from The Division (though that has brought a lot of friendly faces), but there have been the continued appearances of new Warframe players each week and a surprising Destiny player or two. We are also recruiting in a generalised gaming subreddit. If you can think of anywhere else to find players, or if you would like to promote us, get in touch with @Recruitment! 

We are in the process of creating a recruitment tool for any member to use. We want it to best represent us, so please be patient and we will roll it out soon!


Cozdude, cozdude, cozdude… Whatever will we do with you? Iron Banner finished with Tuesday reset and the DCW leaderboards were confirmed as final some time later. TCT (spaces) came in 41st, while TCT (dashes) came in at 102 – still impressive considering we are still sorting out some of the transfers! We saw some impressive scores!

Top 10 in spaces
Top 5 in dashes

So, cozdude stole his third event in a row! And with an incredible score!!! WaygoneWanderer came in second there while Green and Baz tried to give them a run for their money. Well done guys!!! The current event, a 2-day strike race, ends in about an hour. Will the throne be stolen?! 


So, some of you may remember the first DCW we took part in and the small prize awarded to our winner, Demondealer24? If not, consider this your reminder. Now while we can’t run something every week (I wish we could), I don’t want that to be a one-off either. With our next update, a Destiny PvE competition will be posted. Details will follow soon but there will be two challenges and one will be accessible even if you can only hop on once or twice!

Keep your eyes open each month and if you would like to suggest a measurable in a different game, get in touch! The gaming world is a vast place with many challenges to offer.


A little thin on the ground this week. If you would like to see your screenshots or creations featured here, just post them somewhere in the Discord! Our only addition this week is our first from The Division! Thank you, pnail83!!!

What happens when you shoot through a door? Great catch, pnail83!

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