Hello everyone!

Back again with a funfilled update from ya boy! Let’s not waste to much time with intros, here we gooooooo.

Riven Down

Last week, a team of raiders mostly consisting of TCT staff went on a quest to slay Riven, something many of us in the clan have done. This time though, we decided to leave the cluster rockets at home. After 9.5 hours of throwing our heads against it, we slayed that dragon, and shot her in her big stupid beautiful eyes. It was quite an achievement, and we’re all very proud.

You can watch that here: https://youtu.be/LjJRAoTJ8fY

Team Bread

After that last wish raid, I was watching the playback, when trimming for the youtube video. During the second damage phase we popped the eyes in beautiful synchronicity, so naturally I made a .gif of it.

We posted the .gif and video to twitter on the @TCTplays twitter.


We got a response from Bungie! We were very very excited.

Mains Day!

So for April Fool’s day, I wanted to do something fun. I asked the staff to change their usernames and profile pictures on the discord to match mine, and then to post in the usual spot. (Shout out to Casual Jerry for being the first one to do it!)

Well, before the staff could even get in on the joke, dozens of other members began changing their names. Soon Mains were in every channel, at the top of the leaderboards and popping up everywhere. There was a joke about Agent Smith from the Matrix made, and I had a really good time with it.

Thanks to everyone involved, it really did make my day. <3

Destiny 1 Anyone?

A few members of the clan have been making a pilgrimage back to Destiny 1, and attempting to nab old trophies, and face old demons.

After 12.5 hours, a group of misfits were able to pull off the 16 bomb strat on Hard Mode Oryx.


This was a huge accomplishment for most of the folks involved, one raider even saying that Oryx HM was his white whale in trophy hunting. We got him, and plan on taking on Aksis next.

Anyway, that’s it for this week guys, thanks for tuning in. I’ve got some… dying to do in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But as always, I’ll see you folks star side. <3

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