Yikes! I missed a week (and am a little late). Sorry everyone – last week was filled with interviews and I barely had a moment to myself, let alone pushing out an update. 

Quite a bit has been happening over the past fortnight and while I may have been a little absent, I have been watching and working! Our competition went well and was a lot of fun. There was a small hitch and a minor tweak but it has paved the way for more events of a similar nature. Read on for this month’s competition – our focus is Warframe – it is free-to-play so there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved!

As always, thank you all for being part of this community and I hope you continue to have fun!



There has been consistent chatter and it is really great to see people teaming up in new games. From cats to T-shirts there have been some great pictures shared in the community channels. Work is a constant in most of our lives but it is always nice to hear from the community. 

Many of you seem to be dealing with April snow. My condolences – it will soon pass as Spring returns to the northern hemisphere. Brace yourselves for the pollen assault! And Zombie – while that Uno hand was amazing, he had no cards he could finish on! Wild finishes are a no-no!

Our first homegrown competition ran from the 23rd to the 30th of March. A full week of strikes and nightfall. And you guys made the competition great to watch! Every time I checked matches, cozdude and Demondealer24 had given me a LOT of work to do. It was so much fun on my end and I hope you enjoyed it! Here were the final scores:

Congratulations Demondealer24 for the highest strike score, and congratulations also go to cozdude and stealthy1 for their fantastic nightfall score! Up next is a three-part competition for Warframe.


April has come and this month, part of the competition starts today! Until April 24th, we want to see your best screenshots! Post them in the submission channel that has appeared. The following week will be time for voting – all images will be posted (without names) and it is up to TCT to choose their favourite. Anyone can take part and you can submit a maximum of three images – feel free to delete those you are withdrawing up until the 24th!

Prize details will follow soon along with details for the other two parts to this month’s competition. 


Before our DCW updates, we have a couple of new games that our members are branching into. If you want to check out Tera, so far our members seem to be on the Ovolith server. Join them there! Also, we have a unit in Mechwarrior Online for any PC players who want to check it out. Tags will be coming soon for both!

We are also seeing more Fortnite chatter! If this continues to gain traction, we will sort out a channel.

If you have any other games you are playing or want to see mentioned here, start up some conversation or drop me a message!

Also in our community, Senojelyk has been hammering away at Destiny and completed his first ever Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raids! 

Thank you to evilways81, kouri05, Darklight_187 and Fox_Frenxy for Senojelyk’s first VoG!
Thanks go out to Darklight_187 and TeamGreenMan and to two very special guests: PandaPaxxy and Candy_Girl3-2!!!

In Warframe we have another achievement! Lo5t LiMb5 reached Mastery Rank 23!!! For those of you who don’t know, this is one serious grind! Congratulations!!!

A rank I doubt I will ever reach!

Okay, onto DCW. I missed the Competitive leaderboard, but Rumble followed soon after. Dashes outclassed spaces this time, ranking nearly 30 places higher!

Very well done to our dashes crew. This is even more impressive when you check out the leaderboard! We only had three participants from dashes, but our top scorer gained over 18 thousand points!

Dashes leaderboard for Rumble on DCW
Spaces leaderboard for Rumble on DCW

Very very well done, Ekon456! You left everyone in the dust. Congratulations are also due to Starscream917 for topping the spaces endeavour.

Right now, it is Mayhem and spaces is in the top ten! Keep it up, Guardians!


Two weeks off and you have mobbed me with images! Thank you all. It makes me very happy to show off your fun!


pnail83 is making new friends in Titanfall 2
And he’s also having fun in The Division! (Thanks, pnail83)


Sithlordwho has been rocking the new Kulu Ya-Ku head…
…which changes colour with the rainbow pigment!!!
A stunning share from Koedmund – Spooky Wizard Boi. Hoping to knock out Hawkeye’s reign of Warframe pics!
And Koe continues with this share of Whoooooosh and a wall cling!
But Hawkeye counters with some awesome ‘Dirty Work’
image (3)
Lo5t LiMb5 finishes off our post today with this very, very tall woman from Tera!

Thank you to all our contributors! Keep them coming – all images posted here get added to our gallery!

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