Hey again everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. I’m back with our weekly update for all things TCT. The days are turning to fall, and a major release is coming up for Destiny! Meanwhile, our Warframe community continues to grow closer.

Something Something Moon’s Haunted

The Iron Banner returned this week and we continued our raiding ways, as we await Eris Morn’s return. The Shadowkeep expansion will take us back to the Moon and it’s sure to be an exciting time as we unravel mysteries and have new experiences. This week though, we took a breath. There’s been some world’s first preparation and some finishing off of titles.

Congratulations to some community members for their achievements this week! Se Raak got their first SOTP clear this week; clone-k got a first-time CoS completion; Okcpest and Todd beat Leviathan for the first time for our PC clan; TheBluMamba and Mr_Anderson got Rivensbane title; and Rook and NereidFreak acquired their Mountaintop grenade launchers. We also had two flawless raid completions this week:

A flawless SOTP with Jet, Eyegrungge, Main, TheBlackFool, and Knightmaregeass completing their first flawless with the help of Mr_Anderson.

A Petra’s Run of Last Wish with Aireyalis, Evo, Chironyxaltair, and Mr_Anderson, with the help of last-ghosts and Drizz.


Blu’s Clues

Blu is back with some info for our resident Tenno!

—Saint of Altra is live! I feel the need… The need for speed. (How many of you youngsters get the reference?) Gauss is cooking up in a couple of our foundries already, and we all look forward to trying out Warframe with a turbo button. We have some new nodes to clear, so if you can’t do arbitrations, remember to clear the new first. Mutagen Sample farming continues… As it probably shall for a bit. I and all the other leadership are more than happy to take anyone for some derelict at varying times. If you haven’t already got Octavia, a part for her drops there as well… And she is maybe the most OP warframe no one plays much. So come join us, it’s a derelict party, and we will keep you all alive, no worries.

Not sure if I mentioned it previously… But congrats to Cosmic88 on promotion to Leader. You have most definitely been one that has been a pillar of our community.

I also feel weird mentioning it… But I said I would talk about people’s MR achievements if they were mentioned in the discord… So… I am the newest member of club 27. Hi Sysdmg, sorry I kept you waiting.

So… That all said, as wise men once exclaimed “Be excellent to each other!”


A Storm is coming

Our Tenno grow stronger. Our Guardians await a new threat. Soon, I expect it to be very active around here. We’ll likely have some new faces as well so let’s be kind and welcoming; but for now, I leave you before the storm and hope to see you all out there in the various worlds we roam as our playground. Seeya!




Picture Perfect

Congrats to last-ghosts for his first D1 raid completion, starting with the original VoG!

Todd and Okcpest took down Calus for their first time!

These lads completed Scourge of the Past flawlessly! Congratulations!

Great job getting your Recluse Hawkeye! I hope you get some use out of it!

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