The time has come and registration for the May tournament is now OPEN! To enter, please post in the #tournament channel on Discord ( This tournament is open to anyone who is in our community before registration closes on May 15th so feel free to invite a friend or two.

We are running two events simultaneously: 1v1 and 2v2. You may enter either or both challenges. Details are as follows:

Event: 1v1 private matches
Rounds: Best of three matches in Clash. Maps will be preselected.

Event: Doubles (2v2 private matches)
Rounds: Best of five games: Clash, Control, Survival, Supremacy, Clash (last game will only be played if the score is 2:2). Maps will be preselected.


May 1st: Registration opens
May 15th: Registration closes
May 20th: Initial schedule released – changes may be requested at this time
May 25th: Schedule finalised
May 26th: First games – matches are expected to run over a 1-2 week period depending on numbers. Please inform the admins of any dates you are unavailable at registration.


Entry requirements: Any member of the TCT Gaming Discord with Destiny 2 on PS4. Moderators are eligible to enter. Admins can play but can’t take home winnings.
Entry fee: As this is our first tournament, the entry fee has been waived for all participants.
Substitutions: No substitutions are permitted. Games may be postponed ONCE only. All efforts will be made to schedule games when all participating players are available. If there are extenuating circumstances, contact one of The Nine.
Prizes: Amazon vouchers will be awarded to winning players only. Players may win one or both prizes.
Cheating: If you believe that your opponents are cheating, take a screenshot/record video evidence and continue the games as planned. Report with your evidence after the games have concluded and the admin team will review the case. Games may either be replayed or forfeited. All judgements are final.


Power level advantage: Disabled
Format: 1v1 OR 2v2
Platform: PS4
Match time: TBC following Warmind release
Best of: 3 for 1v1, 5 for 2v2
Gamemode and maps: As scheduled
Score limitsDefault (TBC)
Ties: Settled by a final round of Clash
Lag: If a team or player is lagging to the point that the match is lopsided or unplayable, continue the game until it is finished and then report the conditions to an admin with video evidence. They will judge whether a game must be replayed. All judgements are final.
Disconnects: If a team or player disconnects before the halfway point (determined by the winning team’s score), the game must be restarted. If this happens again, or after this point, the opposing team may offer further restarts or officially give the lagging team a ‘loss’ for that game.


Subclasses: In doubles, players on the same team must use different subclasses
Weapons: Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers are not permitted in any game.
Exotic Weapons: No Warmind exotic weapons are permitted (base game and Curse of Osiris only).
Exotic Armour: No exotic armour is permitted at any time.
Suicides: Intentional suicides (such as jumping off the map) are not permitted at any time.

If you have any questions/concerns, please post in the #tournament channel or raise directly with one of the admin team.

Thanks go out to our friends for helping us promote this effort! You can check them out at the following links: Charlemagne, the Warmind of Discord; DestinyClanWarfare; r/Destiny 2;r/DestinyTheGame. Their support has been invaluable!

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