Eternal War

Exotic Energy Sword (Solar)
Claw like weapons mounted on the forearms, allowing for quick strikes or sweeping area of effect attacks.
Exotic perk: Hysteria – channel super energy into the weapons in exchange for increased damage, attack speed, and damage reduction.

“Oh, if it’s your friends you’re looking for, you’re welcome to place a bid for my newest Zanuka prototype.”  —Alad V, Corpus scientist


Screams of agony fill the room. He has returned, to poke and prod and dissect and disassemble.

Captured years ago in order to be reverse-engineered into fighting machines, she longs for release. Be it death or freedom, it makes no difference.

“At long last, my Zanuka prototypes will be in production! I have you to thank,” he begins to whisper as he leans in close, “and your fellow Tenno will have you to thank when my glorious Zanuka captures them and they become part of my collection!” As he finishes, he gets giddy, making little bunny hops of excitement around the room. “And as soon as my precious project makes its first successful capture,” he glances back, “or kill… I will have no further need of you. I will fully deconstruct the scraps of you that remain.”

She screams once more.

But this is not a scream of agony, but of vengeance. She has had enough. She harnesses her anger and pain, and a burst of Void energy explodes from her body as she rips off her restraints. In shock, the man spins around with the look of a man about to die, as he orders everyone to attack her. As he attempts to make his retreat, she howls once again, and energy surrounds her creating claws out of nothing but her will. She creates a whirlwind of violence and death, reveling in the cathartic release of the pain she has endured. Within seconds, the room is strewn in blood and limbs and she gives chase. It does not take her long to find her quarry and corner him.

“This is perfect!” he cries out, “The perfect field test! Come and see what you have created!”

She steels herself for the coming fight.

“Heh, heh, Barrier up! Zanuka, tear her apart!”

Chilling Globe

Exotic Heavy Trace Rifle (Arc)
Focused ice energy so cold, it can freeze anything where it stands.
Exotic perk: Avalanche – Sustained fire on a single target increases chance to drastically slow movement. Upon reload, throw the gun. It detonates where it lands, creating an icy explosion that instantly freezes enemies in its radius and applies damage over time while frozen based on how much ammunition remains.

“Colder and deadlier than space itself, he can punish or protect. The decision is yours.” —Lotus


Inscribed along the side of the rifle, in a flowing alien script:


From every region subjects plead:
“Protect us.”
From their cries, inspiration dawns.
I will give them a guardian with a heart of ice.
Rime mage, you have the power to shield,
Or crush, all within your sphere of influence.
Wield blizzards at will,
Or watch younglings play,
In the softly falling fruits of your labor.
You will be the balance between life and death.
Regent, defend all that is the empires’,
Outlast every siege,
And bury armies in the cold weight of their arrogance.
Wrap your winter’s grip around this empire, until it knows your name by heart: [illegible]

This creation of Destiny 2 weapons, inspired by Warframe lore was submitting by Rook for The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe and won the “story” category. He used Warframe weapons, abilities and syndicate mods to inspire the weapon names and their Exotic perks, coupling his creations with quotes from Alad V and Lotus. The inscription on Chilling Globe is the Ballas speech crafted by Rhekemi for Frost Prime; befitting for the weapon in question.

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