Hey all!

We know it’s been a while since we have had a weekly update and we are incredibly sorry for the radio silence. It has been a hectic time this latter half of the year for most of us for sure.

That said, we are and have been making some changes in our community. Read on for details:

Firstly, we are booting any members who haven’t posted in Discord or played in one of the clans (Destiny or Warframe) in the last 3 months. Along with this we will be keeping up with this activity limit and purging inactive people continually. The timeframe is generous and we will always accommodate those who tell us that they need to take an extended absence. Communication is the key.

Secondly, we are breaking down the walls of our Discord. This means no more games being hidden behind roles; everything will be open and easily accessed by all. LFG channels will be unlocked when you join a game still, but we would love to promote interest in other areas by keeping the chats open and making them easy to find. We hope this streamlining makes your chat experience overall much better; you can always toggle notifications for an entire category or collapse them to hide channels that haven’t been updated.

Third, and far more important, is something I personally want to address. We have heard in recent weeks about how some people have not felt welcome or valued in our community. Everyone here is appreciated and wanted. Every single one of you is valued. We built this family for people to have other decent people to game with and talk about games with, without having to deal with toxicity. Even if we can’t go to every single person and tell you how much we appreciate having you here individually, the feeling and sentiment are absolutely there. We also always leave our doors (PM’s and the feedback channel) wide open for discussion and debate if needed or desired. All we have ever wanted here is for our friends and family to have a good time with good people. You in TCT make up the good people. You are appreciated. You are valued. We are nothing without you. Thank you.

In conclusion and recap we are cutting out inactives and we will continue to monitor activity within the community in order to keep it thriving. The toxic element that did make its way into the community has left, and we will rebuild stronger than ever with the help of all of the wonderful people in our community. Thank you all for everything and have wonderful days, afternoons, and evenings!


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