Hello all! It’s time for yet another TCT update!

Things have been rolling along pretty smoothly since our last update: recruiting is back in action and we have made some amazing new friends. Our latest contest had two in our community, XEvo_TribeX and thehandicaped, win the fastest 100k Nightfall with a time of 10 min 51 seconds and a total score of 157,309!!! Congratulations gentlemen!

We are all excited and getting ready for the Anthem release. We, the admin team, are very pleased to say we will have a presence in this game and will commence recruiting soon. As soon as it is available in game, we will have a guild live and ready for you all!

Finally, community members Dreadnought6570, sphenx2408 and SteelPhoenix990 are all taking their Sherpa tests this weekend. If you see them around be sure to give them words of encouragement and support. We wish you 3 the best of luck in your tests.

Thank you all for reading and, until we meet here again, keep on keeping on.


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