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It’s that time of the week again and it has flown by, not helped by my lateness last week. Things seem to be going pretty well and it’s always a pleasure when I get the opportunity to play with one of our newer members. Just to remind you that we do have community channels and in-game clan support—if you find yourself wanting to join either, contact one of The Nine!

Remember, we are all here to have a bit of fun! Sit back, relax and pick your poison. Play together or solo, whatever you choose. Remember to share those awesome screenshots and anything you create yourselves!



It seems to be a busy time for some of us, but we are also seeing some old faces reappear. It’s wonderful to catch up with old friends and remember, no matter how life might interfere, you always have a home with us! If you want to weigh in on the paperwork debate, head into #chatter! (FYI, I like paperwork days… I don’t have to deal with anything else and can keep my head down.)

A friendly request that you don’t abuse the tags we have available. As much as it is great to be pingable when needed, excessive pings are annoying. 


As promised last week, here is your announcement for our Destiny 2 PVE competition. We ran PvP using DCW and while I like the premise, it supports those who can play the most. Two prizes are up for grabs and one is available to those who can only play once or twice. So read on for details:

Look out for a channel appearing soon for competition sign-up. As I have no fancy tools, I am only going to track members who would like to take part. You don’t need to do anything else except play the game!

Start: Friday, 23rd March, noon UK (5am Pacific, 8am Eastern)
End: Friday, 30th March, noon UK (4am Pacific, 7am Eastern) [Daylight savings interferes with times]
Details: Play heroic and nightfall strikes!

Prize 1: Kills, assists and deaths will affect your score. Play with any TCT member (from either clan) to gain a multiplier. The highest scorer will be rewarded! (Exceptions below)

  • Kills: +100 points
  • Assists: +25 points
  • Deaths: -50 points
  • Play with clanmates: additional 0.5x modifier per clan member

Prize 2: Can’t play often? Let me see your highest Nightfall score instead!

  • In the competition channel, after a game, run Charlemagne’s !last nf command and show me those scores.
  • The members of the highest scoring team will be rewarded! (Exceptions below) 

Staff members are not eligible to win any of the prizes, but are welcome to take part for kicks and giggles and will be displayed in the ranking. This will not impact any members they play with.
The winner of Prize 1 cannot also take Prize 2. This will not impact any other team members.

Good luck! We will be looking at other games to give our non-Destiny players the chance to take part in future competitions.


We have had two DCW events completed and validated. I mentioned the Strike Race last week, but immediately after that, we had the Quickplay Weekend. Here are the results:

48-hour Strike Race

TeamGreenMan stole the show this time around, blowing cozdude out of the water! An impressive score, especially given only two days in which to play. PvE events are few at the moment and it’s great to see them when they do appear!

Our top 5:

  1. TeamGreenMan – 386,161
  2. cozdude – 101,400
  3. MajorWood187 – 59,199
  4. Dr-Lem – 55,225
  5. NickOhSee – 49,013

Quickplay Weekend

More people took part this weekend. Ek0n456 stole the show! Not only did he outscore anyone else, he single-handedly too 66th place for the dashes clan, blowing away spaces who came in at 96th with 14,725 points.

Our top 5:

  1. Ekon456 – 27,750
  2. BAZZASKI26 – 9,300
  3. cozdude – 1,775
  4. Waders 420 – 1,775
  5. evilways81 – 1,650

Well done everyone! This week it is Competitive. In addition to the usual scores, we have Raid Master (+50 for raid weapon kills), Abuse of Power (-150 for power weapon kills) and Frag and Tag (additional 0.1x for every grenade or melee kill).


Hawkeye once again this week, rocking TCT colours as he hides in plain sight!
pnail83 having fun in Titanfall 2

Keep your pictures coming guys!!!

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