Hello all, we’ve decided that for our two year anniversary we wanted to do something a little different.

We’re going to tell our story, your story.

How Tomorrow Comes Today came to be. <3

Remember Crota? Destiny 1, big baddie from The Dark Below expansions raid. Well we were looking to smash that big bad guy. Sith was on the hunt for his last exotic weapon, Hawkmoon. Main was just tryina get that completion cause he was a wee baby raider.

Sith got his Hawkmoon that run, and Main got his completion. It was an awesome beginning to a long standing friendship.

As time went on, over the years D1 was active, Main learned the raids inside and out, started a clan named Shrek is Drek (cause Shrek is love, Shrek is life.) Sith became a staple in helping Drek through raids, and watched Main’s methods of teaching, Main was the self proclaimed best Sherpa around. Sith liked his style, and patient approach to teaching newcomers.

Sith was in a small clan that he was proud to be a part of, Les Pigeons Rouge, named after the red pigeons in the Tower social space. Main asked him to join Drek, but he refused. Main was appalled, but whatever.

Rise of Iron was the last DLC in D1, and with it, Drek was on the grind hitting every raid each week, and sometimes with multiple characters. Inviting new faces and making new friends.

Then one day, the app that Drek used to keep in touch was shut down. With it’s shut down, it was hard to move people over to a new app, they tried desperately to hold it together, but people left, and moved on.

The decision was made to disband Drek, and Main went on to make a small clan named after a Gorillaz song. Originally, Demon Days, then Kids With Guns, but finally settling on Tomorrow Comes Today. A few faces from Drek moved into the new clan, some are still around. (Lookin at you Tony!)

Tomorrow Comes Today, was small but played consistently, continuing to teach, but now not accepting new members. 5 months passed, and one day, Sith reached out to Main with a proposal, on April 20th, 2017 let’s make something bigger. Sith wanted to start a new clan for the project, but Main is a sentimental piece of garbage, and didn’t want to disband Tomorrow Comes Today.

They went shopping for free chatting apps as one does when looking to make a solid foundation for something awesome. They tried Bindle, Band, then eventually settled for Discord. Main built a simple server, and they began inviting a few friends. Originally the founders of TCT agreed that the clan would be inclusive and only friends in real life were allowed into the group. It would be the most exclusive club of folks, who loved playing together.

Main was teaching raids and even showing some people how he did it, Sith was working on branding and inviting people to join. The rule stood though, only people who were friends of friends were allowed. A few exceptions to that rule were made, but the stance was firm otherwise.

Then when they realized that the potential to expand was there, Sith made a call, at first he was met with resistance. He wanted to invite other guardians to our home, and allow them the riches of the reef… I mean… *AHEM*  he wanted to allow anyone who wanted to play into the clan.

This included recruitment drives on Bungie.net and Reddit. He offered the idea that if we stuck to our principles, and our ideals, then no matter who joined, we would be okay. While the resistance was still there, the walls came down, and TCT began recruitment drives.

Destiny 2 was on the horizon, and Sith made some heavy pushes in recruitment. Soon we ran out of room and we had to make the decision on whether we would stick to 100 heads as per Bungie’s horribly limiting clan capacity, or open a second clan.

They opened two more, TomorrowComesToday and Tomorrow-Comes-Today. Both clans were overseen by people they trusted with those responsibilities.

While recruiting, TCT was thriving, and Main was hella happy, playing sherpa to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn. He even went on to teach people his methods, patience over speed or completions. The goal was to make sure each person knew their role, and be able to complete the raid without a sherpa.

Bad seeds joined and bad seeds left, good people left too, and those always hit them harder than they let on.

One day someone joined who would change things forever, Hanxa. She valued the ideals that we stood on, and soaked up the sense of community. Becoming an outstanding member of the family, she designed an entirely new Discord server, the one we use today! It was capable of holding more traffic, and even had the capability to  host other games other than Destiny. The clan migrated and flourished.

It would eventually become a no brainer that she should be included in future decisions in the clan. She took to it, and helped drive growth in the community, programming new bots, and playing ambassador to the devs of those bots. Communicating things we needed, and pushing for progress.

To this day, Hanxa is the only member of TCT to be considered a founder for her hard work, and pride in sticking to our ideals.

With other games being added, and the rapid growth, the decision was made to no longer call ourselves a clan, and call ourselves a community. The change in terminology sparked something in them, they wanted more, they worked out a website. They created social media accounts, and oversaw streams on twitch and videos on youtube.

After a brief fallout TomorrowComesToday was shut down, but Spaces and Dashes as they’re affectionately referred to by the community, thrived.

Today TCT is still growing, and we are a family.

Those founding principles still hold strong, and the future is bright. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we look forward to playing with you,

See y’all starside <3

-Sith/Main, no Main/Sith, no, fuck you douchebag.

    -The guys who got it here.

(They couldn’t agree on how to sign it.)

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