Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, with Father’s Day on Sunday and an unexpected family visit, I’m back to bring you another update! Let’s get started.

Shadowkeep is on the Horizon

With Destiny receiving a massive overhaul come September we’re expecting an influx of new players hopping into the fray. We’re still a few months out, but as more news is released for the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion more players will start or return to Destiny. We will be recruiting throughout the summer, and may even reopen No Spaces. Keep an ear to the ground, and an eye out. Be ready to show new folks what TCT is about!

We’re starting recruitment today, so be ready for new faces!

A Lord of Iron

Today we promoted PartridgeBoy to Iron Lord, in this role he will stand as a leader for our Destiny clans and keep the forges lit. Thank you Partridge for your hard work, and the dedication you’ve shown us these past months. You deserve this, and we’re proud to have you as part of the family.

Frames be Framin’

On the Warframe side of things we’re seeing a ton of activity, people are connecting and playing together and we owe a lot of that to Sysdmg and Sunny, bringing people together is one of TCT’s values and it makes us so happy to see our family alive and well.

Farming events are being planned as well as recruitment drives, rapid growth and strong support amongst Tenno have been wonderful to watch.

Now a word from your Warlord Blueyedevil:

Plague star is upon us. It is an excellent time to group together, rookie and veteran, to claim the excellent rewards. Plague zaw parts, exclusive mods and arcanes, and crafted forma are all to be had. Grab some TcTenno and get to popping that boil.

To all the new recruits, never hesitate to say you need help. Your leadership is always willing to lend a helping hand if you need something specific.

June Photo Contest

Just a friendly reminder that the photo contest is still live and anyone’s game. Pop in and heart your favorites, or submit your own! Bragging rights and a $5 gift card are on the table. Bring the heat TCT!

That’s all for this week guys! Thanks for tuning in, and expect us back for another weekly this Sunday. Thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you folks star side.

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