The One Where The Website Went Down

By: SL Who

We know that this last week has been rough for everyone. Without the site, we’ve been barely hanging on. Making do. Surviving… Somehow.

But, thanks to mysterious forces and a Ted, there is hope ahead. A light in the distance….

Can it be?

Yes! It is!…. lives again!

The Orokin Vault

We will be posting the winners of the Destiny vs Warframe contest in the next update. We’ve had some really good lore submissions and lots of activity in the kills contest. I can’t wait to see who wins! With the wind-down of this contest, I can safely say that our next one incoming will be a TCT logo contest. You will all have the chance of being the one who designs (or inspires) our new logo. Stay tuned for more details!

To PC…and beyond!

Our PC Destiny clan just completed its first-ever raid! Thank you so much to those of you who helped us cruise through Leviathan with relative ease and I look forward to many more raids with you! For now, we are continuing to grow this newest side of the community. Cross-save is planned for the end of the month which will open up all-new worlds to us!

For our Tenno

For the Warframe side, a few words from your Warlord, Blu:

Our Warframe ranks continue to grow, and a warm welcome to all our newest Tenno. Baro is in town, make sure you check out the buying guide pinned in the concourse.

The Dog Days event is new and live. Have you ever wanted to play with super soakers on Warframe? No? I didn’t either until I tried it. It’s weirdly compelling and has some cool cosmetic rewards to be bought from Nakak in Cetus.

Beyond the TCT event of the Orokin Vault, one of our ranks had a giveaway of Prime frames and Plat. Thanks to you Cosmic88! You truly embody the spirit we hope to foster in our communities.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Finally, a huge thank you to our newest Patrons: Evo and NereidFreak! With your support, we will continue to grow TCT while maintaining our non-toxic atmosphere. We hope to keep making all of you proud to call yourselves members of TCT. We can’t do this without you!

Sadly, this is the end of this update but we will be back soon for the next one with the winners from our contest and our monthly photos.
Thank you all for making this a wonderful community.


Community Highlights

Among a lot of firsts (remember to check out our Gallery), we have had some interesting images and clips.

I can’t even begin to fathom the time put into this by Retromon!

Steel got his 100th raid during a sherpa’d legit Riven!!!

Poor Aireyalis getting creepered yet again!!!

Jet is out here stealing the ladies!

theghost got his 100th raid clear while warming up for flawless!!!

Flawless SotP and the becoming of a Blacksmith! See some clips below!


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