The One That Announced The Winners

By: SL Who
Image from OtterlyAmused

Hello everybody; it’s weekly update (and is in fact weekly this time!) time. It’s been a fun week at TCT: as solstice grinding starts slowing down, raids have begun to reappear on the event board again and as always Warframe is grinding away.


Last week our Destiny vs Warframe event ended and we have our winners!

Destiny took the prize in both aspects of the competition. In the kills part, it was won thanks to the overwhelming effort from Kyle! It was clear who the winner was! The runners up for Destiny were Partridge and Drizzt! Fantastic effort gentlemen.

Warframe did not go down without a fight! Cosmic, Sunny and Blu nearly clutched it back just with their own submissions! Cosmic came out on top for Warframe and takes the prize.

On the lore side, we had two Guardians enter and unfortunately no Tenno. The submissions were, in short, fantastic and will, soon, be up on this site for you all to enjoy! We have awarded Rook with the Best Story prize for his exotic lore tabs while Steel has been awarded Best Creation for his amazing and amusing poem! I thank both of you for your excellent submissions.

Prizes will be DMed to each of our winners and runners-up later today.


In Warframe we have added some new rooms to the dojo that could use your help! Please stop by and take a look and if you have any of the required resources extra and available, please think about donating to help grow our lovely Warframe home. The planned layout is nearly complete and our focus can turn to decorating; a welcoming dojo is a great way to bring in new people.


Thank you to all of the active Warframe players, it’s been an absolute pleasure watching this section of the community grow with a massive thanks to Sunny for his recruitment efforts. As a community, we will grow together, while keeping our own TCT personality. Recruitment will continue for both PS4 side of TCT and for Destiny PC.

We look forward to helping all newcomers get through endgame content whether your game is Destiny or Warframe (or other where we have people playing). Helping others is its own reward and that culture is what has brought us here today.

Please keep commenting on our feedback page or discord channel; we want to hear all of your interesting ideas or what you would like to see.


I am pleased to announce that the winner for July is Tonyhanhjw with his submission Too Cool to Swing!

You can do fun things with The Amazing Spider-Man and it is wonderful to see submissions now coming in from a wide range of games!

Second place went to Rook for his Quiet Queenswalk and third to Jet for The Blood Maiden. Both are included in our picture update below!


In ending another update I want to finish with this:

It’s been an honor to be an architect of this community. When Main and I first started up this place neither of us imagined we would be where we are today and that is because of each and everyone of you. This place has become a home to many gamers from many countries and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you everyone for being a part of TCT and if you made it this far for reading this. Until next time…



With a surge in people picking up their 100th raid clears, it was a pleasure and a privilege to see both Main and Sith achieve theirs together as we got our first SoS Prestige clears. A fantastic time, a fair few laughs, and more focus than I think any of us have put into SoS before! Great game, gentlemen, and I look forward to the next 100 with you



Some of the images we have had shared recently, with our photo competition runners-up first! Instagram will be updated soon(ish) with all the amazing clears of the last month. So many firsts! It’s a pleasure to see!

Rook snapped this picture of Queenswalk when he got stuck on the wrong side of a closing door. Ominous or serene, you can be the judge!

Jet submitted this stunning snap from Warframe, entitled The Blood Maiden. Spectacular!

Nerfle wasn’t far behind and poised for a fight with Oh? You’re Approaching Me? Keep your distance or meet your doom!

Panteon shared these snaps in #fashion-frame, showing off both his Tenno and Warframe as Master & Servant.

Jet achieved his platinum in Final Fantasy XII this week!

Our first raid clears shared with us this week! Congratulations to all those first raiders and to those who were helping them get there!

Remember to share all your fun times with the community! It’s a real joy to see.

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