Good evening, TCT! It has been a bit of a ride with some crazy chaos, but we made it! The holidays and associated stresses are over and we came out the other side kicking.

The past couple of months have been hectic behind the scenes. Our Warframe PC and PS4 clans have both made fantastic progress with their dojos and we have some fantastic new faces among us. Likewise, the Division has provided another outlet to members itching for something to play. Not only that, but we have seen our family grow and expand, helping one another in a variety of games. I am incredibly proud of you all!

On the Discord front, we have tried to streamline things a little. All game talk now belongs in the game-hub, though those with a lot of continual conversation have their own channels. We will always accept suggestions for game ranks to find teammates when you play and drive enough chatter and you will see new channels come and go.

Thanks for sticking with us, every single one of you. And to our new members, welcome! We are always looking for great game images for our gallery and any reviews you would like to write. If you want to stream for us, get in touch and we will look at populating our streams page. And we haven’t forgotten about those of you who applied to write for us or create video content! Watch this space!

Stay shiny guys!



One of our biggest trials has been a lack of content in Destiny 2. Hands up if you are waiting for May to roll around? Well, you are not alone. So bring on the Destiny raiding experience. There are four other raids and a whole host of other content waiting to be discovered. Sure, it’s an old game, but some of our players are rediscovering their love for something old and refined. So much so, that TCT teamed up with the Charlemagne server (you know – our wonderful warmind) to get me my first Wrath of the Machine completion! So much fun. With baby characters starting out again, while the story might be lacking, the fun certainly isn’t!

Many thanks go to Tor, Ben, Lora, Sith and Kouri for getting me to this point!

Also in recent times, Monster Hunter: World came into existence. Highly anticipated, we were delighted to see clan support! If you haven’t already joined us, the squad is growing and we would be very happy to have you with us! Just remember, some creatures are just too beautiful to kill. Capturing is a kindness! Remember, we get to have pets as well! Treat them well and liven up your living quarters.

My cute little Shepherd Hare – my very first pet!


We have signed our Destiny 2 clans up to Destiny Clan Warfare and have seen an amazing response so far. Granted, the events have mostly been PVP orientated, but it has been great to see you taking part. Crimson Days carried a prize with it and Demondealer24 was our very first victor! While not all events will have an incentive, it is wonderful to see TCT lingering in the top ten of participating clans. Keep up the good work guys!

Keep your eyes open in Discord for an announcement for a PVE clan challenge coming very soon! Even if you can’t get online much, there will be a chance for anyone to win it!

Also in the community, we have had a series of promotions. See all those new colours? We have rewards for service and for activity. So congratulations to all our Young Wolves, and many thanks to those that reached Heroic! 


The past couple of months has produced some fantastic images. These will be added to our gallery! Keep them coming gamer. Let me see what you have got!

Hawkeye has been posing his ‘frames beautifully.
Another stunning shot from Hawkeye!
Another one from Hawkeye as he takes on the Eidolons.
This one comes from Koedmund, our PC Warlord!
iKyMeDiA has been showing us the sights in Monster Hunter: World.
Just taking a breather – from iKyMeDiA

Keep them coming! We need some great pictures!



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