By: SteelPhoenix

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.” – Octavia E. Butler

Hello There!

Yes, it is I, the metal firebird! It is my pleasure to write your weekly update this week and I’m very excited to see how it goes; so without further ado, let’s get to business. It’s been a good week here at TCT, with new comrades, the return of Iron Banner in Destiny, and our Tenno grinding hard.

Salad Bar and Memes

Lord Salad Bar returned this week bringing the light-enabled PvP we all love to hate. I know some of you have still been trying to get that god-rolled Swarm of the Raven, so I hope you got it! A personal highlight of the week for me was the so-called“meme raid”, where we did a Last Wish with all Code of the Missile Titans. Not as hard as it initially seemed! Our PC clan continues to grow and is having more and more raids which is great to see. We recently had a poll on which raids people need to complete and will be organizing Sherpa runs. Congratulations are in order for community members Cookkat and Clone-k for their first Last Wish (with legit Riven!); Okcpest and CypherDragon for their first EoW completions; and Hunerisiss for his first Leviathan clear! As we get closer to Shadowkeep I’m excited to see what Bungie has for us and how the community grows.

Incoming Transmission for Tenno

Your clan Warlord Blueye has some words for you this week!

Tennoland has been amazing lately, with swelling membership, a couple of absolutely breathtakingly beautiful rooms in our dojo from some amazing decorators, and the wonderful team work that has arisen in our quest for the Hema. To speak to the membership, we had a purge recently, which is always a time of sadness for me, but it brings with us new opportunities for highly active and involved people, many of whom are showing just how wonderful they are every day they show up online. Welcome to the new blood. We love you all.

As to decorations, our Dragon Room and Ice Cavern must be seen to be believed. Thanks so much to Cosmic88 and Hour-enormous. You have set some incredibly high standards that I’m sure will be in everyone’s head as we continue to have more people decorate more rooms. If they aren’t already finished, please feel free to donate spare polymer or whatever to the decorations; I think I’ve put everything I could in on each from the clan vault, so more is definitely welcome. As for the Hema, 1 weekend was all we needed to go from about 4k to over 15k of the 45k samples required. If I hadn’t seen it, I could never have believed it. Thanks to all who have participated so far, and keep those overalls and straw hats on, cause there’s still more farming to do.

On a more personal note, thanks to all who make up this clan. You are all some of the very finest people I have ever had the honor to associate with online. See you around the Origin System.

To Ashes

So there you have it, another busy week at TCT, and I only expect it to get busier with New Light and Shadowkeep coming up! Maybe I’ll be back to write these again, maybe not, but in any case, have fun and I’ll see you all out there. Thanks for being a great community!

Vale Ex Phoenix

Looking Good

 “ShadowReckoner showed off his
Stalker Nezha with some great coloring in Warframe this week.”

“Congratulations to hunerisiss for his first Leviathan

“Okcpest and CypherDragon got their first EoW clear this past
week, defeating Argos!

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