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We come to you today on a more somber note. A beloved member of our community, and a dear friend to some of you, has sadly passed away. It is with a heavy heart that we bring you this news, of a guardian whose light was taken far too soon. Though he will be wholeheartedly missed his legend will remain here, and his light will live on through his fireteam and his clan. Quintin, was and always will be a member of this community, and we will carry that with us until the end of days. We are both humbled and honored to participate in this celebration of his life. Rest in peace friend, you will be sorely missed.

While he was with TCT for just under a month, there are those here who knew him far longer and through them, we hope you can know how valued he is.

Always up for fun and a dance with friends.


Quintin and I met in 2009 or so during MW2. Back then I was still sort of a kid and didn’t really know much of the concept of a “clan,” or even gaming online. By chance I landed in a game with him and Cozdude (Steve). We quickly became best friends online…we had a clan/friend group going on, and throughout Black Ops, Ghosts, MW, our friendship kept going even when others dropped out. The three of us even played together when I studied abroad in London; I’d stay up all night over there just to play the couple hours with them when BO2 came out. Destiny rolled around and we became hooked. We’d text each other, send stupid messages and share dumb jokes. I met Quintin in person once in 2012 when we went to a paintball scenario together, and he was exactly as he was online, a fun, friendly dude who had a chill outlook on life. I never really thought about it, but Quintin and Steve became a part of my life that I didn’t even think was a part that would ever change. There was a time when because of my studies, I barely played, but our friendship never stopped being a part of my life. Fast forward to today, and although Quintin has left us for almost a month now, I still feel that sense of loss. It feels wrong to go online and play PS4 knowing I’ll never see him online again, never to hear his voice over the mic again. It hurts, but I’m glad to have met a clan who cares enough to allow me to say these words about some guy they only met for a few weeks. It means a lot that his memory is respected not only by those who know him in person, but the small footprint he’s left on the gaming community. Quintin, Steve and I miss you. Thanks for listening.

He would party with others whenever he could. Always a laugh and always sought after.


He was one of the most sarcastic, funny, and light-hearted people I have ever known. I grew to know how good of a person he was over a 10 year period and cherish every moment we shared starting for COD MW2 till the day he died. Ben (stealthkillr), Quintin, and myself talked just about every day since we first met.

Everyone liked him for who he was and he was the same person on the game as he was in real life

There will never be a day I don’t think of him.


Quintin was a great friend and an excellent gamer. I only played with him for a short time but i really looked forward to playing with him every time and listening to him while Steve and I laughed our asses off at his stories. He will be missed. A lot.


We cannot really say much more. Shine on, Little Light. You will be sorely missed.

Quintin Alex Wagler (quintin08) —1990-2017

2 Thoughts on “Guardian Down”

  • I had the joy of meeting Quintin when we were five years old. He was the boy in school who all the girls loved. Everything he did, he excelled at – whether it was school, soccer, snowboarding, or gaming. It’s no doubt that many men knew to be his friend, and even more women wanted to be with him. Yet, somehow I got to be the special one to persevere through his eyes and I’m so thankful for that.

    Many nights I’d come home to Quintin gaming and cracking jokes in hysterical laughter. Except I only got to hear one side of the jokes, because he had his headset on. My girlfriends would come over and wonder who the heck he was talking to. I would response, “His boyfriends, Ben and Steve. I’m pretty sure he messages them more often than me in a day.” Of course he could hear me say that, even though he would pretend he couldn’t with his headset on. Then he’d wink at my girlfriend and I with a coy smirk on his face, then presume with a sarcastic comment.

    My friends often wondered if I cared that Quintin gamed a lot. It didn’t. I could see how happy it made him when his laughter would echo through the house. I’ll miss that. Plus, I always knew where he was – at home talking with Ben and Steve. I’d tell him, ‘Okay, it’s time to spend time with me for the evening.” With his sweet smile he’d say, “Just 20 more minutes. Steve’s going to bed soon.” (Steve was a few hours ahead of us.) Sure enough, Quintin would come to spend the time with me when I asked, but first I had to listen to some non-sensible gamer jokes that I didn’t find relatively funny. Like all those dance parties or pushing Ben’s player off a cliff when he left his station on.

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