Shades of Grey

By: SL Who

“I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Hey all! Welcome back to another weekly update. The last week at TCT has brought many things to chat about including the State of the Game that Destiny game director Luke Smith just released in three parts this week. In Warframe, we have had some dojo decorating going on along with the shuttering of the dog days event. All in all it was a pretty chatty week!


Here we are linking the excellent lore submissions by SteelPhoenix and Rook. I urge you to look these over when you have a minute if you haven’t already. They were beautifully done. Here they are in order of submission:

Whether we wanted it or not… – by Rook
DCCC. – by Rook
The Orokin Vault – by SteelPhoenix
Micro Mini Lore Tab – by SteelPhoenix
Exotic Weapons – by Rook


A huge congratulations goes out to Partridge as he passed his Sherpa test with relative ease. He led a legit run of Last Wish along with MSneedsGuns and a few other fun-having idiots. There were laughs, there were tears, but alas the dragon went down yet again and a newly crowned Sherpa emerged. Well done friend.


Some words from our warlord Blu:

“Warframe clan has ascended! Rank 10 Storm clan has been attained. Hope everyone who could got their free endo.

Welcome to all our new members as our numbers continue to swell. Just a heads up to all, we will likely be culling inactives again in the not too distant future. If you have been on in 21 days at that time, you’ll be fine. Or if you reach out to leadership. We really really don’t want to increase the clan size until we finish research.

Speaking of which… Plans to have some an farming for resources are in the works. Our focus would be Mutagen Samples and Cryotic. So if you are interested in doing some excavation or derelict survival, stay tuned.

We’ve also had some great efforts put forward in decorating our (let’s be honest) less than eye popping dojo. Cosmic88 and Hour-enormous have claimed rooms and are making them something much better than they were. Looking good you two. Anyone else wishing to do the same, just reach out to your friendly neighborhood Warlords, Leaders, Generals, or what have you.”


As always it’s been a wonderful week with the community. TCT T-shirt’s and coffee mugs are still on sale for another two weeks; remember this will be our last shirt with the current logo so don’t miss out! Finally, a shout out to my #bdaybro theghost687. I hope your day was an awesome one.

That’s it for me, until the next update!



CypherDragon’s first D2 raid

It may of taken a couple of recoveries, but Kungfustark got his first SotP clear!

Johnny, Evo, Chironyxaltair, Kyle_, Mr__Anderson and AnotherCasualCat had fun with SotP, split in two separate parties! 

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