Recorded by Scribe Shagac

Thus did the Hero of the Guardian-tribe slay the beings known as Tenno.

The great Emperor, Champion of Cheer, Regent of Revelry, foresaw the incursion of beings from another dimension, another Sol. He knew they held an armory that rivaled his own, and this displeased him. Approached by his Advisors, learning what little he had not already foreseen, the cunning and guileful Emperor declared:

“These Tenno, these children parading in parasitic suits that use powers beyond their comprehension in service to a counterfeit savior, destroying their own Sol with a fraudulent crusade in the name of peace. I will not allow them to sully my system nor threaten my right to be the last.

“Go forth and reveal this new foe! Expose their armory that hides within this system so that my Hero of the Guardian-tribe may decimate their forces and solidify my authority.”

And his Advisors made it so.

Scouts from the Hunter-tribe discovered and unlocked this so-called “Orokin Vault” and were repelled from within by the Tenno creatures. But this did not dissuade the one that the great Emperor had showered in his compassion and love, for such things are reserved for only those that prove themselves as the most devoted and skilled in his name.

The Titan Vanguard rallied the Guardian-tribe to action, and the great Emperor’s chosen one led the charge against the Vault, railing against the futile struggle presented by these Tenno.

Upon seeing the destruction that his chosen had rained down upon those that would threaten his Right, he was exulted for he knew he had made the perfect choice.

Spake the great Emperor:

“At last, Guardian! You have exceeded my every expectation and have thrived through every challenge presented to you. You have gods and my enemies alike, and you have truly grown fat from strength. Allow me the honor of having one such as you as my Shadow of all Shadows, the one who will be by my side when the end comes! Come! Board my Leviathan, and we shall feast to your inauguration!”

This lore entry was crafted by Rook as an entry for The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe. Reminiscent of the style seen in  The Chronicon, this entry tells of the destruction of the Tenno by our Guardians, thus winning the favor of the Emporer. This entry was well-received by the judges, scoring second place in the “story” category.

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