Hey there, TCT.

Here we are again and still moving forward. Across our community, it is really wonderful to see members teaming up and supporting each other. What is even nicer to see is the general chatter that comes each morning as people wake up and greet the day. Catching up with new friends and old is what keeps our community spirit alive. 

We are TCT. We are a family. Thank you all for continuing to support us!

Until next week!



This week in Destiny 2 is Iron Banner and we are seeing some great participation from our persistent players. Both the Quickplay and Competitive DCW events were stolen by cozdude, scoring incredibly for TCT! Can anyone dethrone him this week? We have more people taking part than ever before. The Band Together modifier isn’t something to sniff at either – have three clan mates with you and your score is multiplied by 250%!!! 

It’s not just how many games you play this week, but who you are playing with!

For our Warframe crews, Genesis will be gaining two channels later today to track certain resources and events on PC and PS4! Keep your eyes peeled. You have all worked so hard to get materials so hopefully this will help you out!


Not too many pictures posted this week. Sad times. Always looking for more great snaps so keep them coming guys!

Hawkeye showing off his new Ember Prime in true TCT colours!
Isn’t she a stunner?!
Demonedealer24 has been tackling his Elder Dragons. Valerie went down this week, along with Toaster and Kushala Daora.

Thanks folks! 

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