Hey there TCT!

There has been a fair bit happening this past fortnight and the Discord is becoming ever more colourful. Most prominently, we have started recruiting again for our Destiny clans. This is a big step for us ahead of the release of Warmind. Recruitment has been on hold since very early this year but with recent developments and the road ahead, we hope to see many more new faces through our doors.

Also happening is our Warframe competition. There is still time to vote on your favourite screenshots and to enter into the gameplay challenges. The deadline has been extended to noon, Pacific time, on Friday 4th May. Good luck Tennos!

Also incoming is our first tournament! (Cue fanfare and party poppers!!!) This is open to anyone in our Discord community and details will follow shortly.

As always, it is a pleasure playing with you all. Have fun and fight the good fight.



This is just a reminder that we have some roles in our community that anyone is able to apply for. If you fit the bill, we’ll promote you. If not, we’ll let you know what you need to do. Here they are:

SHERPA – our sherpas are all carefully vetted. If you wish to become one, message an admin and an appropriate activity will be arranged with one of the Architects for assessment. Sherpas must be able to teach well and have the patience and understanding to deal with any ability or mishap.

MENTOR – mentors are people knowledgeable about their chosen games to the point where they can offer advice and assistance to other players. Your focus can be specific, but it must be complete and thorough and you must be willing to share that information and guide others.

SCHOLAR – scholars are rare. In fact, we only have one at the moment. These people know the LORE of their chosen games. This is information that extends beyond the game, offers a more complete narrative than the game alone and does not affect gameplay directly. This shows dedication to a much-loved story.

MERCENARY – our mercs are guns-for-hire… only they don’t get paid. If you need someone to fill a space, our mercenaries should be willing and able to jump on and lend a hand. Tag mercenaries to get the job done. 

Feel free to offer yourselves up to the cause and why you think you fit the bill and we’ll consider it!


Been a while since I did this and DCW has almost fallen off the radar. My bad. The last event was quickplay with only eight members participating. 


Well done, Waders for taking the top spot! Hopefully, with Warmind next week, we will see players returning to the game and really give these other clans a run for their money. As dashes fills, it would be great to see them usurp spaces as well!.

Starting shortly is anything PvP. So go wild! As always, 100 points per kill, 50 points lost per death and 25 points per assist. This week’s modifiers are: PEW PEW PEW – 100 bonus points for precision kills with a pulse rifle; ABUSE OF POWER – 150 lost for every power weapon kill; FRAG AND TAG – gain a 10% bonus for your overall score for every grenade and melee kill.


Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here. But our spoiler channel has been buzzing from plot points and theories in God of War and the release of Avengers: Infinity War. If you do not want spoilers, this is a reminder to mute that channel, and be prepared for anything should you venture in. To everyone discussing there, while you don’t have to be deliberately vague and whatnot, the consideration of your peers is admirable! You are all amazing people and this really shows when there are big spoilers to be had.


Spending time in Destiny is always fun lately. Especially at the Iron Temple. I wonder what happened after the Red Legion came… maybe the temple still stands? Anyway, here’s a great shot from Kouri05. I kept falling off Felwinter’s Peak… so I’m way down there at the bottom.


We also got Senojelyk and a guest, Zarilion, their first King’s Fall completions. Thank you to everyone involved and for posing as Oryx drifted down to Saturn.


Finally, cozdude got this beautiful display of graphical mastery in God of War on Muspelheim. The game is visually stunning and lends itself to great screenshots. I’m still looking forward to photo mode!

image (1)

As always, keep them coming. It’s great to see what you are all playing!

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