Hey there, TCT,

I hope you have had an amazing couple of weeks and a lot of fun. There has been a lit of excitement around some upcoming games and updates to existing games. Yakuza 6 has just reached the western world while God of War reaches us on Friday. I confess to some real, albeit cautious, excitement around the upcoming Destiny 2 DLC. Besides, it’s 6v6 Iron Banner this week. But do you know what has really caught my attention? Spyro Trilogy Reignited has finally been confirmed (of course it has) for September 21st! I may all but disappear for a while there.

Going back to Iron Banner for a moment there. Our friends at On Silent Wings have once again extended the challenge. One day in and they are miles ahead, but why don’t we try to close that gap? 

As always, have a lot of fun guys! I hope to party soon! It’s a short update this week, but Tenno, please read on!



This month we have some fun going on in Warframe and we are calling all Tenno to take part. First up, we have our screenshot competition. Let’s give our resident Captura-god a run for his money? I know you’re playing so share those pics! You have until the 24th to submit!!! The best, as voted for by the community, will gain a skin of their choice!

But here’s the details I have been sitting on all month. Our solo and team challenges! There is platinum in it for you this month, Tenno.

Team Spirit

It’s all about working together, Tenno. You cannot survive alone. Enter a survival game and fight to the bitter end. The catch? You can ONLY have other community members in your squad. (Note, community members do not have to belong to either of our clans. They just have to be in the Discord. Feel free to bring in new players!)

WHEN: 24th-31st April
WHAT: Longest team survival
PRIZE: 150 platinum to each member of the squad
DETAILS: Survive the longest with any community members. Verify your game with a screenshot of the Mission Summary screen and send it by direct message to Hanxa in Discord, or via PlayStation messages to Hanxa13.

Lone Tenno

For all you soloists, this is a game of speed. Select a boss to Assassinate and take him down. Fast. The fastest kill wins (remember to extract!). This MUST be completed solo. Completely solo. 

WHEN: 24th-31st April
WHAT: Fastest solo Assassination
PRIZE: 250 platinum
DETAILS: Assassinate and extract fast. Verify your game with a screenshot of the Mission Summary screen, ensuring the frame part received is visible. Send it by direct message to Hanxa in Discord, or via PlayStation messages to Hanxa13.

Good luck, Tenno!


Very thin on the ground this past fortnight, but a bit of nostalgia came from pnail83 as he was playing D1. 

Flying into the Tower. You know… before it got blown up by the Red Legion.

Remember to share any fun or cool moments with us!

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