By: SL Who

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King


The Return

Hey everyone, I’m back! Once again a day late but we got here. Our Tenno are gearing up for some more content soon and Guardians are eagerly awaiting Shadowkeep. Lots of activity going on preparing for these events, it’s wonderful to see. We have 4 World’s First raid teams preparing for Garden of Salvation and expect more to pop up between now and the raid’s release.


Roles and Tags

With the release of Borderlands 3 this week there has been some confusion as to where people should chat about the game and where to try to team up with people. Our channel Game-Hub is where anyone wishing to discuss or get together with others should go. The channel is meant partially for bot commands but also to discuss games that aren’t our main 2 (Destiny and Warframe). We also have a borderlands tag if you want to reach out to others who also have it. There are many games that have tags and I invite you to check out the role list sometime to see what we have.


The Saint of Altra

There is a new update coming out for Warframe. It will set the stage for future content and introduce a new frame Gauss. I’m certain there will be much farming of the new frame due to him being a speed frame, Gotta go fast. Baro stopped by last weekend carrying a few cool items. I hope everyone got to check out Blu’s post on the best items to pick up and got everything they wanted! Lastly, we are still farming mutagen samples for the Hema, we are inching closer but can use all the help we can get. Please message a warlord if you are interested in setting up a farming run, we can help provide boosters to make this happen if we know in advance.


Don’t Tread on me

With Shadowkeep on the horizon we have a ton of discussion around what’s coming and what isn’t. Sometimes these discussions can get a bit heated, we understand that but we would like everyone to keep in mind that we are all part of the same community. Everyone isn’t going to be happy all the time with all of the changes and sometimes we need to just agree to disagree. We should go into a discussion open minded and able to hear everyone’s point of view without being brash or arguing someone out of a conversation. These are opportunities for everyone to think of something from another’s perspective which can lead to some excellent conversation.

At the End

Well we’ve reached the end of another update, I hope it’s been an enjoyable read. We should be back on time next week so be looking out on Sunday! Until then I’ll be eagerly anticipating some new content with the rest of you all.



Picture Perfect

Congratulations to Rook for getting his mountaintop!

Shadowreckoner’s colorful Saryn.

Johnny got his 100th SotP and managed doing so with 0 kills! What a peacekeeper.

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