Hey there everyone! It has been go! go! go! for a while and I have sadly let things slide. That isn’t to say nothing has been happening, but rather I have not been keeping everyone in the loop. For that, I am very sorry.

So what has kept us so busy? Of course, there was our May Tournament… which was more of a June tournament, but it was still a lot of fun. We saw some amazing matches and overall feedback has been great. It was our first—a trial run—and we know what needs to change. That said, join me in congratulating our winners: for the singles, BlackndShadow took the crown; in doubles, DA-GUN-SHOW and sunnyminegear put up a strong fight. Thank you to ALL of our participants for their support and flexibility. We hope to see you at the next one!

We have also been purging our Destiny 2 clans and recruiting. It is sad to see old faces go, but hopefully, we will see an increase in overall activity as our newest members become firm and fast friends. I have met a fair few of you in raids already! Let’s make everyone feel welcome and help each other out. Remember, anyone is able to create an event—just ask if you are unsure.

I’ll see you starside!


This week we hit an amazing milestone: we now have over 300 people in the Discord server! Chatter has been high and it is wonderful to see the hubbub that forms from people just talking and having fun. You are all amazing and I look forward to growing even more!

That said, this is another reminder that we have some roles in our community that you can apply for. If you fit the bill, we’ll promote you. If not, we’ll let you know what you need to do. With new blood in the community, having people in these roles will help guide them in our gaming worlds.

SHERPA – our sherpas are all carefully vetted. If you wish to become one, message an admin and an appropriate activity will be arranged with one of the Architects for assessment. Sherpas must be able to teach well and have the patience and understanding to deal with any ability or mishap.
MENTOR – mentors are people knowledgeable about their chosen games to the point where they can offer advice and assistance to other players. Your focus can be specific, but it must be complete and thorough and you must be willing to share that information and guide others.
SCHOLAR – scholars are rare. In fact, we only have one at the moment. These people know the LORE of their chosen games. This is information that extends beyond the game, offers a more complete narrative than the game alone and does not affect gameplay directly. This shows dedication to a much-loved story.
MERCENARY – our mercs are guns-for-hire… only they don’t get paid. If you need someone to fill a space, our mercenaries should be willing and able to jump on and lend a hand. Tag mercenaries to get the job done.

Feel free to offer yourselves up to the cause and why you think you fit the bill and we’ll consider it! For our newest members, settle in first and get to know the ropes. We keep our eyes open and will recognise talent!


This week a very special mention goes out to Casual Jerry and our PC Warframe clan. Jerry, in particular, has been dedicating time and resources in the PC dojo with help from his clanmates, to create something truly stunning. Keep it up guys and thank you for all the work you put in! It really is a sight to behold! Here are some pictures of the main hall and trading hall, resplendent in TCT colours!


A whole lot has happened in the last couple of months and sharing all of it would break this post! So instead, here are a few of our highlights. All images shared since the start of May will be added to our Instagram gallery over the next few days. For now, enjoy!

Can’t get a full team? Nevermind, we’ll just four-man it!
Our very own SithLordWho (phh99) got his 50th raid clear in Destiny 2 with help from the other Architects and a couple of our Ghosts. A fantastic staff raid!
PandaPaxxy and FoxFrenzy touch tips. Just the tips!
Nerfle and Hawkeye have been spending some quality time together
FoxFrenzy shared this snap of a traffic stop on Marina Drive
Cozdude shared the views in God of War
Gunslinger057 has been exploring the beautiful world of Horizon Zero Dawn

That’s all for today! We will catch up with you all next week <3

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