The Orokin Vault

A free-verse poem by SteelPhoenix

It’s a tale as old as time:
Three Guardians went to find
Some adventure, or maybe some loot.
They were always prepared to shoot;
Resolute and strong of mind
A fireteam, coated in grime.

Nearby, a squad of Tenno activates.
Behold, they have new fates:
No longer to sleep
In containers of frost.
In the far reaches of space
Their ship had been lost.

On the Tangled Shore
These two groups meet;
A Ghost opens a locked door
The Tenno rise to greet.

A standoff ensues.
A bullet is fired, whose?
Within an instant
Their fight heard distant.

The room is alight with the clash;
Bullets streak, powers rise,
Light and flames flash.
One team will meet their demise.

A Guardian falls.
To his fellow, a Tenno calls
But too late to save
From a Titan’s shockwave.

Despite giving their best,
The Tenno fail to overpower
Those who are blessed
By the Traveler, above the Tower.

Room now ablaze,
Guardians look to the dais;
Around it, a beautiful grove
And on it, a treasure trove!

Inside the mysterious chest
A shimmering prize,
New legends were born
Perhaps a Gjallarhorn?
What awaits? Treasure new:
Two tokens and a blue.

This poem crafted by SteelPhoenix was submitted as part of The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe and took first prize in the “creation” category by a landslide. The final line rang home for all the judges and this work was praised for its originality and style. The combination of both universes told an epic tale through this poem and is as enjoyable to read the twentieth time as it was the first!

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