Riddle Me This

By: SL Who
Picture by Pyromythical

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller.


Getting Started

Hey all, welcome back to another weekly update! As most of us know we have recruited for both Destiny and Warframe the past week and have a lot of new faces. I want to welcome all of you who have joined recently and thank you for trying our community. We strive on being a community for everyone except the toxic and we hope you come to find a home away from home here!

For the Tenno

On the Warframe side, we have topped out our available clan spots due to some magnificent recruiting from Sunny. Before we choose to bump up to the next sized clan we have some dojo research to perform. Our main target is Hema with that 40k mutagen samples we need. Our warlords are setting up farming runs and we encourage you to reach out and join. Before you answer “But I don’t wanna grind out that many mutagen samples.” keep in mind we are purging soon (wink wink). Just teasing! We are purging this week, but as long as you are playing, there is nothing to worry about!

Last but not least, keep in mind that Rhino and Nyx Prime are close to being vaulted again, make sure to farm out those parts you need before they’re gone!

Guardians Turn

For Destiny, we’ve had a pretty interesting week. Cross-save went live and we’ve had several community members make the switch (including this guy) whether it be from PS4 to PC or XBox to PS4. It’s been such a blast playing with new people on different platforms and getting people through their first raids. Personally, I’m just happy to have my Lion Rampant’s back on in PC and getting to MountainTop/Anarchy raid bosses. All in all a pretty interesting week! (Note from Han: he never takes the damn things off… want to dismantle, sooooooooo bad.)

The Rise of Iron

With the reopening of TomorrowComesToday, our recruitment has been taxing. New people coming in almost daily is a lot of work behind the scenes. We knew we were looking out for a new Iron Lord and after some talks and deliberation, someone stood out. Rook has always been a helpful and valued member since he joined us last July. In fact, he bagged the coveted Scholar role with his repeated delving into Destiny lore. Funnily, he joined us for Warframe! Somewhere along the way, he tried out Destiny 2 and got hooked. Rook is joining Dreadnought and Partridge and we wish him all the best in his new role! Congratulations!!!

Riddle Me That

So a little over two weeks ago, Han and I put a teeny little Easter egg into the discord. We were just having a little fun and assumed it would be found out fairly quickly. As of now, it’s only been tripped upon once by a Ghost and, other than that, has gone unnoticed. We decided to have a little more fun with it, we will give out a $5 Amazon card to the first person who finds it. In order to win, you must tag me (sithlordwho) in #the-usual-spot in discord with the answer. As it’s been stumbled upon by a mod, they won’t be eligible for this prize (sorry!). A hint for your adventure:

What do you use every single day, but never pay for? What is truly yours but came from somewhere else? What is very personal but shared with everyone?

Good luck and don’t forget to tag me with the answer!

‘Tis the End

Well, this concludes our fourth straight weekly update. I plan to continue doing these until we have found someone suitable to take over. As always we appreciate each and every one of you that makes this community the wonderful place it’s grown to be. We are stronger together than apart and we will only get stronger in the future. Thank you.


Picture Perfect

Main got his Kingdom Hearts 1 platinum this week, onto KH2!

iDC and Evo’s first Spire clear!

I Am Nightwing23432’s first CoS along with a mighty fine shot of Chiro’s golden gun

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