“The further you go from where you start, the harder it is to get back” -The Front Bottoms

Hello everyone! We’re back at it again with another update, so strap in and brace yourself. Here we goooooooo~~~

New Expansion Who Dis?

Shadowkeep is here!!! And the server is alive and well, we’ve seen a huge influx of fireteams being formed as well as many many returning players.

To all our vets remember to be kind and show the newbies the ropes the way TCT does it, be patient, be kind, and teach.

To all our new recruits, the folks here at TCT are a good bunch, and you’ll find yourselves right at home.

World First Racers

Last week we saw the release of not only Shadowkeep but the new raid Garden of Salvation, while we had several TCT teams in the race, we didn’t have a team cross the finish line. None the less it was quite the challenge, and contest mode is no joke! Most teams made it to the second encounter where we hit a wall. Only one team made it through and that was TCT’s PC team! They worked really hard at it, and it’s awesome to know at least one team rose to the challenge. Congrats Guys! Well done!

Now that contest mode is off my team was able to make it through the 3rd encounter last night, and we’re hoping to take down the big bad tonight!

Gotta Get Those Mutagen Samples Gang!

Now a quick word from our very own Blueye, on the Warframe side:

I had to be brought up to speed on a few things, most notable is Atlas Prime. I know a lot of people aren’t super enthusiastic about him, but he is the best puncher, if nothing else. Death cube prime is interesting as well, as it is a better sentinel since they gave it an augment. Start busting open relics, Tenno.

Mutagen Sample collection continues as we inch closer and closer to the Hema. Hope to see some of you on the Derelict this week, since last week was a wash, personally.

Dev stream talked about 2 much needed reworks, Ember and Vauban. Both look interesting here. I’m hopeful that the changes they are making will bring them from the brink of unplayable to more than decent.

Also another sneak peek at Empyrean/Railjack, which continues to look like a great addition.

Thanks all for holding it down in my absence. You guys are awesome and glad you continue to be so.

Photo Contested!

We’re entering the judging portion of the Photo of the Month contest, and winners for the months of August and September will be decided and prizes will be sent out shortly, in the meantime stay tuned for October’s photo of the month!

And that’s it for this week guys! Thank you so much for being who you are and all that you do. I’ve got a raid boss to go and destroy, in the meantime, I’ll see you folks star side. <3

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