By: SteelPhoenix

Welcome Back

Hello again everyone! I’m back this week to continue these updates and let everyone know what happened this week in the wonderful world of TCT. This week saw Bungie release a needed QoL update that gives us more loot and a community event on Mars for Destiny; and on the Warframe side, those pesky mutagen samples have been grinded even more. We also ended with a recruitment drive for Destiny over the weekend so welcome to those new folks!

Motley Mutagen

On the topic of Warframe, Blueye has some words:

This past week has been a mostly quiet one on the Tenno front, with more limited recruiting, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on.

Congrats to Sysdmg on MR27! You beat Warframe… For now. To all you other MR hunters,
make sure you let us know about your triumphs, as we want to celebrate them with you.

The Hema remains our main focus as a clan at this time, haven’t moved the needle much past 15k
out of 45k at my last check in. Get to the derelict, Tenno, and grab them Mutagen Samples!

And finally, I’m not sure when, but we do plan on a trading chat in the Tenno world. At that
point I’d love to be able to add a sticky post with which syndicates people are aligned with to
facilitate Augments, Syndicate weapons, and Archwing weapon parts trading. So if you want,
feel free to DM me, Blueye, on discord so I can add you to the list.

Mars, Mars, you are ours

This week Bungie issued a challenge and also an update. I know some of you here in TCT have been helping with the community event on Mars to get that sweet emblem and to hopefully unlock more loot from the menagerie. The update helped ease the pain of getting the Wayfarer title so I’m hoping to see more of those around here! It also made Reckoning more rewarding. Raids have continued to be ran, with some of you really going for that Anarchy and others trying to get some specific challenges done. Johnny graciously is offering a contest where the winner wins a free copy of Shadowkeep, so be sure to get those speedruns in and send him a screenshot of the end screen!

We had some first raid clears this week! Congratulations to OffbrandMarshmello, Aoi-Akumu90, MidnightAcolyte(Dount), BigC1125, and untam3d80b3ast for their first SOTP clears this week! BigC1125 and MidnightAcolyte(Donut) also got their first Leviathan clears. TheBlackFool, Jet, el_tedward, Knightmaregeass, and Main also beat their first prestige Leviathan over the weekend! And last but not least, AnotherCasualCat got his first CoS clear!

Farewell for now

That’s what’s been going on in TCT-land, for both Tenno and Guardians. I hope this place continues to grow and be a place where friendships are formed and people feel welcome. See ya around!


Picture Perfect

The boys knocked out all D2 raids in less than 4 hours!

Congrats to AnotherCasualCat for his first CoS!

Prestige Leviathan completed! Awesome!

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