Hey hey hey gang, Main here with another weekly update! I’m off at a family event today, so let’s get crackin’!

The Race to World’s First

This past couple weeks we had our work cut out for us as teams prepped to take on the Crown of Sorrows raid day one. While none of our teams crossed the finish line day one, we did have a team finish it last night, and we’re hoping to get a couple more teams through before Tuesday’s reset.

Our clans first CoS completion featuring: yours truly, Hanxa13, SithLordWho, Tonyhanhjw, Stoic-Woobie00, and Complexstats!

A huge thank you goes out to the folks who helped us get there, and put up with hours of practice, and suffering. You guys are next!

Warframe by Frame

Next up a few words from the folks over on our Warframe side!

Blueyedevil: Continued growth with the PS4 Warframe clan is a great credit to our newest Warlord, SunnyPigtails. Work continues on the last few items in the clan dojo, continued donations of Nitain and Mutagen Samples are appreciated. As more members finish star chart and story quests, more options for gameplay open up, including clan sortie runs, arbitrations, and eidolon hunts. Interested parties should speak with Warlords, Generals, and other leaders in the clan.

A huge thank you to SunnyPigtails for making such a strong push in recruitment, your hard work is really showing!

The First of Many! (May Photo Contest)

The results are in and we have our winner for our first ever photo contest!

Congratulations to Purpletrator for taking home the gold with your entry: Celebration

Our runner ups and honorable mentions:

In the Shadow submitted by Rook!

Hole in Juan submitted by Johnny

We’ve already kicked off the photo contest for June, so if you haven’t already snap some photos and throw them up in the photo contest channel, we can’t wait to see your entries. ❤️

Thank you everyone for tuning in and reading this far, that’s going to be all for this week! You guys are the best family I could ask for and I’m thankful for everyday I’m a part of it. Keep an eye on this space on Sundays from here on out, it’s about time these actually became Weekly instead of “Weekly”. In the meantime, I’ll catch you guys star side.


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