Hello all! Jeeeez I’ve been bad at this haven’t I? Well we have a ton of stuff going on around the community, and we can’t wait to share it with you. ❤️

A Challenger Approaches!

We would like to take a moment to congratulate our boy El_Tedward on his promotion to Ghost in the discord. We’re happy to have you onboard, Ted! Welcome to the team!

A Picture is Worth 1K Voices

We had quite a few entries for the month of June, and we’re super excited to announce the winner!

Shooting for the Moon by Jetnoia Congratulations, Jet on winning our June photo contest, your prize will be sent out shortly. ❤️

Our runner ups weren’t far off and were super nice entries!

Trials and Tribulations by TheEnigmaArmyZ!

For Cayde by xJohnny!

July’s photo contest is well underway, and we look forward to all the new entries being submitted! Throw your submissions in and we’ll vote on our favorites! Don’t miss out, a $10 amazon gift card is just a snap away!

Wait… We have Merch!?

And our final point for the day, is TCT’s very own Jambi has been hard at work over these past few months crafting what I think is the coolest damn shirts out there.


These shirts feature the TCT logo on the front, and your usernames printed on the back, in the shape of TCT! Grab one while you can, we’ll be rocking them ourselves! All proceeds go back into the community as well, we want to keep this place going strong until the end of time, represent TCT!

That’s all for this week gang! Thanks for reading, and here’s to hoping I’m on time next week 🤞🏻lol See you folks, star side.

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