This wonderful sparrow came without an accompanying lore tab; and only has the description of “Beep, Beep.” Thanks go to DrizztVoid88 for the initial inspiration. I’ve connected it to a story already present in Destiny lore, on the lore tab “The Ragged Valley Sprint”.

Micro Mini

“You ever hear of the Ragged Valley Sprint?” Marcus Ren said as he sauntered up next to the barkeeper and sat on the swiveling chair that was facing backwards. He had just finished testing a new sparrow with Holliday and decided to come in for some refreshments before reporting to Ikora.

“Didn’t that one ugly Scorn baron make that run? On Mars or something?” the barkeeper replied.

Marcus shook his head. “Nah. On the Tangled Shore. It was Yaviks the Rider. Or at least that’s what the rumor is.” He rolls his eyes. “I don’t believe it. But I completed that treacherous run. And…” He leans in closer to the counter, “There’s a part to the story I never told.”

His conversation partner raised his eyebrows. “Really? Now there’s some of that Guardian gossip I could use to drive some business. Do share.”

Marcus obliged him. “Well, before my fifth and final run for the Ragged Valley, I stumbled on a crashed ship. Seemed like a storage ship of some sort.” He paused to take a drink. “Inscribed on the large vault doors was the word ‘Orokin’. Some sort of ‘Orokin Vault’. Anyways, I explored it as we hunters are known to do.”

“Crazy. Did you report it to the Vanguard? What was in it?”

Putting his hand up, Marcus continued, “One question at a time. I didn’t report it to the Vanguard because Zavala hadn’t authorized me to be doing those runs at the Ragged Valley. And as far as what was in it?” He shrugs. “A bunch of trinkets, but more importantly, there were these weird exosuit type warriors. They shot at me! I took a few down before high-tailing it out of there. My other four sparrows had been destroyed in my previous runs at the Valley; so I was using this new one that seems odd but it saved my life and got me through the Ragged Valley Sprint that day!”

The barkeeper put down the mug he was washing, entranced my Marcus’ story. “What sparrow is that? Perhaps some new tech Holliday has cooked up? Are you going to use it in the next SRL?”

“Nope. It’s just a smaller version of a normal sparrow. Almost childish-looking really. Nick-named it the Micro Mini.”

“What?” the barkeeper blinked.

“Yeah!” Marcus exclaimed. “This thing is so tiny and speedy it made it hard for those exosuit warriors to hit me with their guns. And! I was able to squeeze right between some colliding asteroids at the end of the Sprint! I also ran over some random dreg right after the run.”

“That’s truly amazing! Did you say anything heroic during your escape?” The barkeeper asked.

A grin spread across Marcus’ face. “Beep, beep.”

SteelPhoenix submitted this lore entry as part of The Orokin Vault: Destiny vs. Warframe, connecting an existing lore tab to the Tenno on the Tangled Shore. Telling a never-before-heard story, he crafted the lore entry that the Micro Mini sparrow truly deserves.

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